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 Item pricelist and Merchant Rules

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PostSubject: Item pricelist and Merchant Rules   Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:01 pm

This is our current beta price list.

Please remember, 10 slimeballs = 1 gold.

Merchants are now limited to the item list found below. In there are also the prices. If items are spawned, Prior James will expect to see the cash for the items placed into one of his bank chests. Daily the server notes will be checked to make sure items aren't being spawned that are not on the list.

I do not think I placed wool on the list, that item can be spawned, and costs 5 slime for 64, but sells back to a merchant for 4 slime.

Merchants also may not sell any items once violence has started until peace is made. This is done to simulate the strain on the economy that the war will have. Also, merchants and players alike may not use /time set XXXXX once violence has started until the war is over. Please submit any ideas or concerns of this matter to the forums.

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PostSubject: Now open for Business!!!   Wed May 11, 2011 5:12 am

Hanging by a Thread: The Golden Needle is now Open for Business!!! Owned and operated by Tiger2wild!

Please visit The Golden Needle for all your cloth needs. Prices can be found below. Please post orders on the forum or speak directly with me in-game.

Thank you and come again!

Prices based on current economy and rounded up to the nearest gold.

*****As a special note: Brown wool is an extremely rare item and can be purchased for 100 gold PER PIECE (limited to stock on hand) or sold for 50 gold PER PIECE.

Also, speak to me in -game for potential special deals and bartering.
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Item pricelist and Merchant Rules
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