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 Siegecraft Territory Map

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PostSubject: Siegecraft Territory Map   Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:36 pm

I thought I'd make a picture as a starting point for how we'll plan the territories for the players (before conquests, of course). Discuss here what you want to change or add. in this post I'll also detail a few confirmed rules, as well as a few of my own ideas, that will have to do with this topic.

Here's the map:

As you can see, Jamestown's territory is a band separating the two factions. This band should be very thick. At the very least it should be wide enough to prevent players from building things within sight or firing range or enemy territory.

You'll notice that inside Jamestown's territory there are additional towns. This is something James and I have been talking about doing eventually (far down the line). These might not even be built for a while, if at all, and would only really be useful if players felt that they wanted to have towns in neutral territory closer to the other outposts. They also might be built for aesthetic reasons (ie: a snow town, or a desert town).

The peaceful towns inside team territory are going to be the only places that players can build their personal houses. Peaceful towns in Jamestown territory are not going to allow players to build inside them in order to keep a specific visual theme. Keep in mind that there's no limit on the number of peaceful towns you can create, and a peaceful town can consist of a single house. So in your own territory you can build whatever you want. However, these towns are not going to be able to house anything that offers an advantage to your team: farms and things like that.

The outposts are arranged in such a way that they pretty much will create the border between teams. These outposts are going to be simple to design and construct.

Farms and such will be built in towns around the outposts marked on the map. The town and farms must be built a minimum distance from the outposts. Currently we're thinking that will be 30 blocks, which is just outside of accurate arrow range. The buildings also must be constructed of wood. Outposts are attackable and raidable during times of war. During a raid, players will be able to loot and destroy anything outside the outpost's walls.

well, reply to this so we can get the rules worked out more!
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Siegecraft Territory Map
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