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 Wartime Rules

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PostSubject: Wartime Rules   Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:02 pm

I'm writing a few ideas I have mixed in with confirmed rules for Siegecraft. These are going to focus on war and how it changes the game.

During Wartime, Siegecraft will have a change in the way that some rules work. This post is aimed at starting a discussion between the players as to how these rules should work in order to be fair and fun. Final decisions remain entirely with James, of course, but having a discussion and all this information collected in one place will be helpful.

Now to it:

Territory: During war, teams will be able to breach enemy territory for spying, and will also be able to declare raids and sieges.

Spying: During peacetime, players are forbidden from visiting enemy territory except upon invitation. Only the ambassador may do so. During peacetime and wartime, enemy players found in your territory may be attacked and killed, and possibly captured (should they choose to surrender). However, spying during peacetime is against the spirit of the game, because you could just learn every secret about the enemy castle when they're logged off. During wartime, spying players on either side are most likely going to be responsible for deciding when and where to attack.

Raids: A raid is like smaller siege, and can be declared almost at will. To start a raid, declare it. Next, 1 or 2 (not decided yet) in game days must pass before you can attack. The number of combatants in the game is determined by the number of players on the defending team. The attackers can only attack in equal numbers. During a raid, the attackers may pick any valid target except a castle or outpost. Most outposts will be guarding a town, and those usually will be valid targets for attack. The attackers must announce, by name, the location they are attacking at the time of the declaration. The defenders must, of course, name their locations.

Note on towns: Towns are going to have a limit on the number of useful resources that they can harvest, therefore the teams will, in all likelihood, have multiple such locations to attack.

Siege: These battles will be planned like clan events, and we'll possibly have one per month. A siege will take place over the course of 3 in game days. During this time, the selected castle or outpost will be attacked. The goal of the siege will be to make it to the throne room and destroy an object. If that is accomplished, the attacking team takes control of that outpost and the town it guards. A successful siege on the capital castle means that the defending team loses the game. Congratulations.

There's a very brief runthrough on wartime. There are a lot of details I'm forgetting or don't know yet.

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PostSubject: Thanks Jake   Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:17 pm

Yes, thank you for posting this. A note on the towns however:

Towns will have two maximum resource fields. A resource field is a mine, quarry, farm, or train depot. These locations can be attacked, however this does not mean that homes and other buildings that are not an industry for the team can be ransacked. But be warned, if you build your town around your insustrial resource, and the town is damaged during the assault, that is more on the fault of poor planning than anything else.

Keep in mind that if an outpost or town loses it's industries and the enemy team takes over the town, then they gain everything in it except for private chests. If the enemy team sees that player A has seven chests in a building that he is claiming is his private stock, then they are only obligated to let the player take objects from one of the chests, but Player A gets to choose which one.

This prevents players from claiming that their teams warehouse is their own personal chests. If players want a secure place to keep their things, then they need to build a town that does not have any industry near it, including mines. This way the town is not siegeable, however if all the territory around the town is claimed, then the town falls under enemy hands. The players are allowed to get ALL of their items from a non industry town.

Anyone using the /sethome function in enemy territory will be banned for a short amount of time as a warning. If it happens again the ban will be permanent. I can see in the config files which player set thier location in what coordinates on the map. If I sense foul play, I will look into it.
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Wartime Rules
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