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 Tournament Credit Rules

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PostSubject: Tournament Credit Rules   Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:04 pm

In Blitzkrieg Squadron, for Steam members only, you can receive cash credit for participating and winning tournaments posted in the events column. Generally there are three ways to gain credit.

1.) $4 credit will be awarded to a winner of a tournament. ((The person with the highest score or KD ratio.))

2.) $2 credit will be awarded to every member in the clan from a winning team.

3.) $2 credit will be awarded to the member of the clan who was the best sport, and made the game fun for everyone else.

After each tournament, there will be a post in the forum within this category. Everyone must vote after the tournament for the best sport in the thread corresponding to the game, tournament, and the correct date. If you do not vote, you cannot win credit for best sport. All other credits are won as mentioned above. Credits can be exchanged for Steam Games gifted to you by me when you gather enough points. If you have $60 worth of credit, then you qualify for a $60 game.
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Tournament Credit Rules
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