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 Jamestown Rules

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PostSubject: Jamestown Rules   Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:11 pm

Jamestown is a neutal city dedicated to peace and is run by the church. Current homes are grandfathered in as being part of the residence. Under the Pope's Decree, from this date foward, players are not allowed to build ANY building unless they have permission from Prior James, a Cardinal in training whom answers directly to the pope.

There is no violence what-so-ever permitted in Jamestown unless it is a fight in the Arena. Violators of any laws in Jamestown will be excommunicated from the church, i.e. banned from the server.

We have two merchants, one from each team, and a Master Merchant, currently held by Prior James. The two members, one from each team, will be selected by the king. Under no circumstances are these players permitted to spawn bedrock, anything from the nether, obsidian, tnt, and must adhere to prices agreed upon by the church or else face excommunication. These persons are the only individuals who can access the command panel and spawn items. In times of war, no commands are to be done. The merchants will spawn items during a war, but once the fighting starts, until peace is met, no spawning of any items will occur. If any of these laws are broken, the individuals will face excommunication.

Malicious actions from either nation that reflect poorly on thier team can be voted upon by the kings and the prior, on whether or not they should be excommunicated.

Theft grants an instant excommunication. If a house isn't yours, or a shop open to the public at the time, then do not go in. If items are taken, you will be excommunicated. The Cathedral, Inn, and Le Barn are free for the public to enter.

The laws will be expanded upon as the need arises. If the citizens think about common courtesy and the treatment of others, then no more laws will be instilled. However, in the past citizens have acted for their own entertainment and selfishness and this action will no longer be tolerated, and depending on the offense can grant you excommunication.

Prior James, Cardinal in Training.

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Jamestown Rules
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